Improve 11+ Vocabulary in a Flash with Farquhar’s Vocabulary Flash Cards

What people are saying about our Flash Cards

Launched in June 2012, we are delighted with the response we have had to our Vocabulary Flash Cards. Here are some of the comments we have received from tutors and parents.

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I highly recommend these flashcards as the most comprehensive and easy to use resource for improving vocabulary for 11+ exams... Read the full review here
Juliet Rolls, Cambridge Academic Tuition

Vocabulary development is a key element in preparing for the CEM 11+ and I highly recommend Farquhar's 11+ Verbal Reasoning Vocabulary Flash Cards as an excellent resource
Jeremy Bull, Beaconsfield School of English

Karen Cookson, Specialist Durham CEM Tutor - 11+ Champions Buckinghamshire

Bal Basi, Thames Valley 11+ Tutors

Mrs Jones, Education - 11 Plus Tuition

Rebecca Williams, The Literacy Club Birmingham, Solihull, Warwickshire and Walsall

Fantastic flash cards for Verbal Reasoning.
Tutor, Teach it Right 11+ Tutoring

The Farquhar Vocabulary Cards are an ideal way to consolidate, extend and challenge children's vocabulary skills. The cards enable study skills development for both CEM and standard form students - a 'must have' support to aspirational learning.
Teri Marsden, Cheltenham Study Skills Tutor

Anita Hill, Elevate Eleven Tutoring Services North East Surrey

Farquhar's vocabulary flashcards are a vital tool for 11 plus success and also for building creative writing skills.
Yasmeen Ahmed, Birmingham

I am delighted that I had purchased the excellent vocabulary flash cards for all my pupils. The cards enhanced my pupils vocabulary and the parents were delighted with them. Value for money!
Sharon Foster, Bexley, Kent & Lewisham

These cards are great to improve areas of vocabulary not always used by modern children in their daily lives.
Hilary Hayward, 11+ Tutor, Cheltenham

Mary's vocab cards were a fun and easy to use weapon in our grammar revision armoury.
Denise, Cheltenham

These cards really gave me hope for the exam - and they worked!
Jacob, Cheltenham

The vocabulary cards are an excellent resource. It is clear which children use them as their writing is extremely eloquent and brimming with challenging vocabulary.
Mr Hillyard, Christ Church C of E Primary School, Cheltenham

Key features

all words collated from recognised 11+ material

ready to use – eliminates daunting word lists

saves time – all the work has been done for you

maximises your child’s potential and increases confidence

flash card method highly recommended on recognised 11+ websites as a valuable learning technique

NEW FOR 2021
Farquhar’s complete set of 6 packs now comes in its own box – keeping all your vocabulary preparation in one place!

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