Level 1

A fun quiz game specifically created for 11+ preparation

Level 1

Help your child succeed in verbal reasoning exams

A fun quiz game to play with friends and family with clear, child-friendly questions and answers.

Designed to complement the use of flash cards and practice papers, the quiz game covers a wide range of vocabulary knowledge in a simple and easy to play format, including:

odd one out

multiple meanings

verbal classification

general knowledge

Children love playing games! Use the quiz game to offer a welcome break from practice papers and revitalise young minds by adding variety and fun to 11+ preparation.

The verbal classification section of the 11+ requires children to spot the links between words. Does your child know their oboe from their tuba? Can they quickly link canine to dog, herbivore to plants, or parliament to owls? Can they spot those tricky words spelt the same but pronounced differently?

The game can be played anywhere, so it’s perfect for trips in the car, visits to relatives, or simply as a reward for completing a practice paper.

Key features

Simple, child-friendly questions on the front

Answers on the back

Definitions/explanations are provided for the answer to help develop understanding of the question type

Improves verbal classification knowledge with questions on instruments, colours, male/female/young animals . . .

Challenging ‘riddle’ questions to test knowledge of words with multiple meanings

All questions have been created from recognised 11+ material and feedback from tutors and schools

Buy Level 1 Quiz Game for £12.99 + P&P.

NEW FOR 2021
Farquhar’s complete set of 6 packs now comes in its own box – keeping all your vocabulary preparation in one place!

Anita Hill, Elevate Eleven Tutoring Services North East Surrey

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