Compound Words

Improve 11+ Vocabulary in a Flash with Farquhar’s Vocabulary Flash Cards

Compound Words – Challenging compounds

Each pack comes in a durable plastic box and contains:

100 double-sided cards (200 key words)

Two metal rings

Key features

Created for 11+ preparation to help children recognise the range of words which can be joined to form a new correctly spelt word, which may require a change of pronunciation or emphasis (these can be very hard to spot without practice).

lime + rick = limerick
pen + chant = penchant
ill + iterate = illiterate
par + able = parable 
cap + rice = caprice...

This pack has been designed specifically to help children tackle the trickier non-traditional compound words which are increasingly appearing in tests.

Words have been collated from 11+ material and feedback from tutors.

Note – not all exam boards test compound knowledge. Please check with the exam body that administers the test in your local area.

Buy Compound Words now as a separate pack for £12.99 plus p&p.


It is also available as part of a set see here.

NEW FOR 2021
Farquhar’s complete set of 6 packs now comes in its own box – keeping all your vocabulary preparation in one place!

Rebecca Williams, The Literacy Club Birmingham, Solihull, Warwickshire and Walsall

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